Iggy Azalea Dropped Some Surprising News About Her Collaboration With Demi Lovato

Well, this is pretty unexpected.

Earlier this month, Demi Lovato dropped the amazing news that her equally as fabulous BFF Iggy Azalea will “definitely” make an appearance on her upcoming album.

And while Demi admitted she’s still “trying to figure out which song… to put her on,” our minds were instantly assured that this inspiring friendship would soon manifest itself into one predictably badass jam.

But in a surprising new reveal, Iggy has dropped a pretty shocking bomb on us: the track they’re collaborating on, she says, will NOT be released as a single.

The Australian rapper dished that tidbit to a fan on Twitter on Sunday night (Aug. 23), further explaining that she’s “not doing any features until [her] own stuff is out.” Demi, she continued, is an exception because she’s a pal (and soon-to-be bridesmaid!).

We’ll admit — we’re a little bummed we won’t get to hear these ladies jamming out on our radios every time we get in the car. And not releasing the song as a single means the chances of a music video are, sadly, pretty slim. But rest assured, both Demi and Iggy are working hard on their own new music to grace our ears with.

Iggy recently gave fans a much-needed status update about her forthcoming LP, confirming she already has six songs locked and loaded, and promising a new single in 2016.

Meanwhile, Demi has yet to announce an official album release date, but it’s safe to say hers will come before Iggy’s, since she’s already dropped a new single, “Cool for the Summer.” So, at the very least, we’ll likely have a new Iggy verse to whet our appetites for the rapper’s sophomore effort.