What Could Justin Bieber And Drake's Dad Possibly Be Working On Together?

Dennis G says they've got a surprise coming soon.

Justin Bieber and Drake's dad might seem like an unlikely duo, but they apparently have a surprise on the way. Well, that's if you believe Drake's pops, Dennis Graham.

"We have a surprise coming soon stay tuned," he said on Insta, following that up with these emojis: "????????????????????????"

What could these two possibly have in store? It's hard to tell, really, but seems likely to do with music. After all, Dennis G is a longtime musician. Drake even mentioned his dad's musical background on "You & The 6."

"Having conversations with momma, we start talkin' bout dad," he rapped on the track. "You know he dropping a single/ he saying this is his window/ That n---a still wearing linen, that n---a still in the club/ Call him after we get off the phone and show him some love."

And he's definitely been hitting the studio lately.

Guess we've got a surprise to wait on while we also gear up for Drizzy's upcoming Views From The 6 LP.