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Minnesota Tries To Crack Down On Concert Laser Pointers

Concertgoers planning to bring your laser pointer to the show, think again.

Minnesota's State Crime Prevention Committee has just approved a piece of legislation on Monday that makes "laser assault" a gross misdemeanor, which is punishable by not more than a year in jail and $3,000 fine.

A spokesperson for the committee says that a person intentionally pointing laser radiation into the eye of another without consent in the state of Minnesota could face some serious consequences.

Laser pointers have claimed a number of victims (besides "Seinfeld"'s George Costanza). Late last year, Kiss drummer Peter Criss vowed to "take that laser and shove it up your a**" after he took a beam in the eye during a concert in New Jersey (see [article id="1430848"]"Kiss Fighting Lasers"[/article]). In a more high profile case, Hootie & The Blowfish were accosted by a laser pointer while performing at the Grammy awards in 1996 in Los Angeles. Such behavior under the Minnesota

proposal would land the laser-armed offender behind bars.

Though the bill has yet to become a law, it is being sent to the floor of the Senate, before making its way to the House. If the bill goes through both bodies of government, then it will be sent to the governor, former professional wrestler Jesse Ventura to sign.