Introducing...'From G's To Gents' Host Fonzworth Bentley!

In honor of From G's To Gents' premiere episode tonight, I've gone ahead and rounded up a few facts you probably didn't know about host Fonzworth Bentley. As it turns out, there's a whole lot more to him than his well-documented umbrella fetish and former gig as Diddy's butler--er, "personal assistant." For instance, did you know that ....

• Fonzworth (whom I've nicknamed "The Fonz") only got schooled in etiquette is because his mama didn't like the way he behaved at the dinner table?

• The Fonz's favorite real-life G-to-Gent transformation is Jay-Z? (OMG, mine too!)

• He taught Diddy everything he knows...about style?

• His go-to guy accessory is, was, and always will be... the pocket-square?

For more about The Fonz, tune into From G's to Gents and watch him enlighten a bunch of thugged-out "diamonds in the rough" on the proper way to enjoy tea and crumpets. Then check out my celebrity picks for next seasons G's to Gents makeover spectaculars.

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