Pete Wentz Talks Future Of Black Cards

Despite departure of singer Bebe Rexha, Wentz tells MTV News 'Black Cards isn't done.'

Pete Wentz is reshuffling Black Cards, his post-Fall Out Boy project that, to date, has yielded a string of [article id="1660076"]poppy, peppy live shows[/article] and a handful of remixes, but not a proper album (despite promises it would be coming in [article id="1660589"]the summer of 2011[/article]).

The changes began earlier this week, when the group deleted the name of frontwoman Bebe Rexha from their Facebook page and announced a new mixtape that had her noticeably absent on the cover. That touched off a wave of speculation that Rexha had been booted from the band, and that perhaps the very future of Black Cards was in doubt.

On Friday (January 13), the band officially confirmed Rexha's departure in a statement on their website that also seemed to hint that perhaps the Black Cards were finished. (Wentz closed the statement with "The Black Cards are dead. Long live the Black Cards.") But, in a series of emails to MTV News, Wentz let it be known that the band will continue -- in one form or another.

"Right now, [the band] is just Spencer [Peterson] and me. Who knows what tomorrow brings. There are a bunch of people I'd like to collaborate with and make some noise," he wrote. "We have a few brand new songs that I can't wait for people to hear."

Of course, Wentz didn't clarify whether the Black Cards would be making music as a proper band, or as a remix project, as they've been doing in recent months. "Albums are so 20th Century," he wrote when asked about the band's upcoming plans. "Mixtape out in the next week or so." But he did want to set the record straight about Rexha's departure. Simply put, it was anything but acrimonious.

"Don't believe everything you read. Fact checking isn't really a priority for internet message boards," he wrote. "[It was] a mutual decision. Bebe will forever be a homie, and we look forward to hearing music from her solo career."

Wentz also said that he hoped the songs the band recorded with Rexha would see the light of day eventually ("I'd hate for them to just gather dust," he wrote), and closed by basically contradicting everything he had written in that official statement. Namely, the Black Cards aren't finished ... no matter who's in the band.

"Black Cards isn't done," he wrote. "More than the mixtape will be released."

Can the Black Cards go on without Bebe Rexha? Let us know what you think!