Are Kat Dennings And Ryan Gosling Dating? We Try To Get Her To Admit It

In late August the Internet was a buzz with a rumor that Kat Dennings and Ryan Gosling were romantically entangled with one another. The pair had been spotted on a "date" at Disneyland on the same day that Kat tweeted she had been kidnapped (in one of those "good" ways) and taken to Disneyland. Coincidence? We here at Hollywood Crush think not.

However, when we caught up with her while she was promoting her new flick "Defendor," at the Toronto Film Festival, she wouldn't say if it's true or not. "A friend? I don’t have any friends," she told MTV News reporter Josh Horowitz when he mentioned she had been spotted with what Josh referred to as a friend. "I don’t know. I can't talk about my personal life."

She seemed to assume that Mr. Horowitz was asking about her personal life. All Josh wanted to know about, though, was if she likes "The Notebook." "I haven't seen it. I swear to God I'm the only girl alive who hasn’t' seen it," she said about the flick, adding again, "I do not talk about my personal life. Ask me about my cat though, I'll talk about my cat."

Kat, unfortunately, couldn't confirm if her kitty had seen "The Notebook."

So, what do you think: do are Kat and Ryan are seeing each other?

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