Hey, Founders

You’re making waves, disrupting the status quo, and laying the foundation for what’s to come

Hey there!

How've you been? These past few weeks have been kind of crazy. Kanye went on some interesting Twitter rants, we binge-watched Fuller House, and my No. 1 teen crush finally took home the Oscar he deserves. Oh, and we launched our rad new contributor platform for teens and young millennials [flips hair].

MTV News has grown as a site, too. You might have noticed a bunch of fresh new faces weighing in on everything from the election to Rihanna's ANTI album. Our awesome Snapchat Discover channel was born. even got a mini-makeover.

And MTV Voices is evolving right along with it. It's been inspiring to see how you have embraced this new space on the Internet, turning it into a real home for your thoughts, concerns, and conversations. (If I could, I'd totally send each and every one of you an Apple Spice scented Yankee candle as a housewarming gift.) You've also embraced the name you've chosen for your generation -- The Founders -- and are totally living up to it. We've been blown away by our talented contributors, who are submitting powerful and thoughtful pieces. You're talking about feminism, what it's like to be Muslim in America, student-entrepreneur life, and more. You're making waves, disrupting the status quo, and laying the foundation for what's to come.

Inspired by your choice and actions, we've chosen "MTV Founders" to represent the next stage in our evolution. Our mission won't change -- it's just getting stronger all the time. (Think of it as when Jay Z decided to drop the hyphen in his name.) This is your platform to say what YOU want to say, under a banner YOU have chosen.

Questions? Hit me up on Twitter and follow us on @MTVFounders for pizza GIFs, life hacks, and pieces written by your fellow Founders.

We're so psyched to have you as part of the MTV fam, so stayed tuned for more cool stuff that's coming your way. It's just the beginning.

Love you more than Kylie loves Snapchat filters,


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