The 10 Best 'Are You The One?' Cast Selfies

Learn from the pros, then tweet us your own for a chance to win a trip to Puerto Rico!

Finding a perfect match is the aim of "Are You the One?," but when it comes to photography, the show's cast might just prefer to operate alone.

Between two seasons and 41 contestants, the daters have proven through many Instagram and Twitter accounts that they love a good selfie. And why not? Big, sweeping portraits are for Christmas cards; family albums are for your parents' dusty attic space.

So to honor their talents, we've collected the 10 best "AYTO" selfies below, and if you follow the guys' and girls' leads, you could win big! Starting at 8/7c tonight, "Girl Code" standout and "Are You the One: After Match" host Nicole Byer will challenge viewers -- during commercial breaks on MTV -- to find different vacation- and show-themed items with which to take selfies. Then, at some point during tonight's "Are You the One?" episode, Nicole will share instructions on how to post the photos with #AreYouTheOne.

One submission will earn its presenter a TRIP TO PUERTO RICO! The winner will be announced live during "After Match" at 11 p.m. As if you needed another reason to tune in...

Check out the pics below for inspiration, and we'll see you in Puerto Rico! (Hopefully...)

1. Jenni's 'stache selfie:

2. Dario's salute selfie:

3. JJ's 'Girl Code' selfie:

4. Brittany's Boston Pride selfie:

5. Ellie's classic duck-face selfie:

6. Simone's blue-hued selfie:

7. Ryan's ostrich egg selfie:

8. Shanley's throwback MySpace selfie:

9. Curtis' beach day selfie:

10. Briana's pooch selfie: