A New 'Robocop' Viral Video? We'd Buy That For A Dollar!

It's been 25 years since the original "Robocop" became a sci-fi smash hit and an instant cult classic. But this weekend the long wait for a new take on the "Robocop" franchise finally came to an end as the first viral teaser for next year's hotly anticipated remake hit the internet.

Now that's something we'd definitely buy for a dollar.

Of course, you won't actually have to spend any money for this brief peek at the universe being (re-)created by Jose Padilha, because we've got the clip right here. And while it doesn't show much more than a brief tease of star Joel Kinnaman's new cyborg look — and there's no sign yet of co-stars Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson — we have a feeling this glimpse will have you wishing it was already 2013.

Here it is, courtesy of Omnicorp, otherwise known as the sinister corporation responsible for the creation of Robocop: