Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Fight: Case Closed

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department tells MTV News no charges will be filed.

After opening a misdemeanor battery investigation into last week's [article id="1700864"]parking lot altercation[/article]
 between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown, authorities told MTV News on Tuesday (February 5) that they have finished their inquiry.

"We are closing the case," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore told MTV News. "We [just] have to loop back with Mr. Ocean to make sure what he said on social media is what he's intending."

Odd Future crooner Ocean spoke to cops earlier and told officials he was [article id="1700949"]"desirous of prosecution in this incident,"[/article]
 but on Saturday he announced on his [article id="1701270"]Tumblr account[/article]
 that he was choosing "sanity. No Criminal Charges. No civil lawsuit."

Whitmore said his office just needs to confirm with Ocean that his Tumblr statement is accurate and then they will close the books on the case. Sheriff's officials had spoken to Ocean and were in the process of interviewing witnesses, but they had not yet chatted with Brown, who might have faced misdemeanor battery charges in the case, which Whitmore said amounts to "unwanted touching."

"All investigations are important and we were going to talk to witnesses and Chris Brown, but now that's not necessary," he said.

Brown, who sources told TMZ was not involved in the fight, was seen sporting a hard cast on his hand last week, with no explanation given for his injury. Ocean, meanwhile, tweeted that he'd suffered a cut finger in the incident, which he said might [article id="1701117"]hamper his performance[/article]
 at the Grammys on Sunday. The fighting appeared to have taken place between the singers' respective crews in the parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio over a parking spot.

TMZ reported on Tuesday that Ocean, who is bisexual, told police someone called him a "faggot" during the brawl -- though he's not sure who -- and that Brown threatened to shoot him at one point. Whitmore could not comment further on what may have happened during the fight or the details of media reports.

The slur claim came in what TMZ said was the official incident report, in which Ocean said Brown punched him in the face after Ocean informed Brown that he had taken Ocean's designated parking spot at the studio. When Brown tried to shake Ocean's hand, the Channel Orange singer said he refused, at which point Ocean said Brown punched him. The punch was reportedly followed by two members of Brown's crew coming to his aid and pushing Ocean into the corner and trying to kick him.

Police also reported that Ocean said Brown threatened to shoot him, saying, "We can bust on you too." Ocean, who suffered a cut on his left temple and right index finger, reportedly refused medical treatment at the scene, but then later went to a hospital. The closing of the case is good news for Brown, who might have faced further legal problems if prosecutors decided to file charges because of his ongoing probation from a felony plea in his 2009 assault on Rihanna. The good news, however, was paired with some bad probation news for Brown, whose probation might still be violated because of a report from the Los Angeles District Attorney's office on Tuesday questioning his completion of mandatory community service in the Rihanna case.