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'Spring Breakers' Star Vanessa Hudgens Drops 'Bomb-Ass' '$$$ex' Track

'The song gets you amped up in the same way the movie does,' Hudgens says of her brand-new song.

If the Skrillex-curated "Spring Breakers" [article id="1702715"]soundtrack[/article] doesn't provide enough EDM ear candy to get you on the floor, Vanessa Hudgens just might have the tune for you.

On Friday (March 22), the same day her Harmony Korine-directed flick hit theaters, the actress dropped her brand-new track "$$$ex." Written and produced by Rock Mafia, the synthy, crunchy pop tune also features [article id="1701318"]up-and-coming girl group YLA[/article]. It has a pounding beat and some very adult lyrics, including the line, "Fifty in his pocket/ A condom in his wallet/ He's not gonna sleep tonight."

In addition to its chanting chorus, where Hudgens posits, "Can't you feel my hot sex, heart stop beating," the former Disney star throws down the F-bomb on the track, proving that she has definitely grown up since her days as a child star.

"It is a bomb-ass song, I love it so much! It goes perfectly with 'Spring Breakers,' " she told E! News about the track, which ties together the cheerleader pop vibe of Toni Basil's "Mickey" with the club crunch of dance music. "It is a great song you can listen to in your car or at the club with your friends," Hudgens said of '$$$ex.' It is a good date-night song, and a good after-the-date song! The song gets you amped up in the same way the movie does."

While Hudgens tried her hand at a pop career in between acting gigs in the past (releasing her last album, Identified, in 2008), she said that she'd like to explore her musical side once again. "I have been really focusing on film for a while, but now that I have some time to myself to hang out in the studio, I might just see what we can mix up together!" she said.

For now though, fans can check her out in the neon-colored flick. And if your eyebrows are raised by Hudgens' new tune, they might be shocked by what happens in her movie, which co-stars Selena Gomez, James Franco and Ashley Benson. (Spoiler alert: Things get really frisky for [article id="1703494"]Hudgens, Benson and Franco[/article], who end up in a threesome.)

"It was just kind of like, 'This is crazy! This is happening!' " she recalled. "Hallelujah for Ashley, and the fact that it was a pool kind of made it a lot of fun. I was like, 'Peace out for a second. I'm going to swim around.' But it was just great. Everybody was comforting. They wanted to let me know that it was going to be OK and that I'm safe."