Macaulay Culkin Kills His Death Rumors In The Best Way Possible

This is his life. He has to defend it.

Before you freak out

You should know that Macaulay Culkin is alive.

But the "Home Alone" actor and The Pizza Underground rocker had to prove that he's alive, after a death hoax took the Internet by storm over the weekend. Make no mistake: Culkin is very much alive, and he has photos from his band's Instagram account to prove it.

Here he is in Louisiana, on tour with his band:

But don't put it past the artist formerly known as Kevin McCallister to pull some pranks. Here's Culkin, reveling in the death hoax rumors by taking a page out of the "Weekend at Bernie's" playbook:

He even Bernied it up on stage at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Texas yesterday:

So, no, Macaulay Culkin is not dead. He's very much alive, and he's very much a fan of "Weekend at Bernie's."

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