G Herbo Was So Nervous During His First Therapy Session That He Cracked His ID In Half

The rapper spoke with MTV News about his new album 'PTSD' and Juice WRLD's impact on Chicago

G. Herbo's new album, PTSD, comes after the rapper was clinically diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and realized that he had serious mental health issues. His music often reflects on the turbulent situations that he had to go through growing up, so now that he sees it in hindsight, he realizes just how much that his upbringing affected him. He sought out professional help in the form of therapy, and in a new interview with MTV News, he revealed that he was extremely nervous on his first day — to the point that he cracked his ID in half.

"I think it was important for me to talk to somebody who's never been through the stuff that you been through," G Herbo said when asked about his decision to go to therapy. "Talking to my therapist, I was telling her certain stuff and she couldn't believe it. I was so nervous during my first therapy session that I cracked my ID in half. She told me, 'You have PTSD.'"

"I had to really, like, get naked with her in a sense," he continued. "Every day I left out the house, I really felt like I was going to die or just go to jail for protecting myself.  It's important to just talk to somebody.  A lot of times, we'll block that intuition in the back of our head because we're desensitized by it and we think its normal. She was there to tell me, 'No, it's not normal.'"

After reflecting on why he had PTSD at a young age, and explaining that other kids who live in rough environments do to, G Herbo suggests that schools should have therapists. "Schools should have somebody that's going to ask you 'How was your day?' Because a lot of these kids, they don't have a sense of family, a sense of none of that at home. When they're in school, that's the only love that they're going to feel. Sometimes that the only meal. Sometime's that the only clean, safe environment that they have. And it's only for eight hours out of the day."

Later in the interview, G Herbo also talked about the legacy of late rapper Juice WRLD and his impact on their shared hometown. "Chicago never seen an artist like Juice — young and on top of the world, talented at that and reached this big level of stardom so fast," he said. "He was excellent with dealing with the fame."

Check out G Herbo's full discussion with MTV News up above.

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