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Kesha's Makeup Line Is For Decorating Your 'Aura In A Skin Suit'

'I think beauty is all about what's inside your soul'

Kesha is who she is, and she wants to help you be who you are, too – with her new makeup line.

The "Raising Hell" singer took to Instagram with a fun reveal of her upcoming line, noting it had been "years in the making." Decked out in a fun rainbow makeup look, she proudly held up a box of her makeup with funky red font and teased her upcoming beauty release.

"I think beauty is all about what’s inside your soul. I’m just an aura in a skin suit, but I do like to decorate it. That’s what this makeup is about. Perfect is not real and normal is boring," she said of the new Kesha Rose product selection.

"Did I mention it's edible?" Kesha joked in her short introductory clip. "It's not. It smells really good!" she laughed. It's also vegan and cruelty-free, much like Millie Bobby Brown's teen-focused skincare and makeup line, Florence by Mills. Unfortunately, that's about all we know about the new products thus far. Kesha's remaining pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing for now.

The songstress didn't reveal what kind of products she's debuting, or whether fans will be seeing skin care alongside it. However, with Kesha's unique style and love of bright, colorful things you can imagine she's got plenty of important bases covered. It's going to be exciting to see what her packaging looks like, too. Millie went for a pale lavender with her line, and Kylie Jenner opted for a salmon pink, Instagram-ready skincare set for Kylie Skin that offers a pretty interesting complement to the younger teen makeup set.

The Kesha Rose makeup line will be released via HipDot on December 3, just in time for the holidays. Make sure you jump on it quickly, because this new line will likely sell out quick.