Charli XCX's Movie Awards Performance Was Kitty-licious: Watch

So many kitties at the 2015 MTV Movies Awards. And they were all dropping.

If you didn't know how to drop that kitty, you certainly do now.

At the MTV Movie Awards, Charli XCX was joined by Tinashe and Ty Dolla Sign to perform Ty's new song "Drop That Kitty" off his upcoming debut album -- but not before she busted out her own killer tune, "Famous."

Wearing a tiger-striped suit similar to the one she wore at the 2014 VMAs, Charli started her set playing a giant blow-up guitar, throwing it to the ground and jumping off her platform. She bowed down to her guitarist, who was, you know, playing a REAL guitar.

But then, it was a lesson in kitty-dropping as Charli introduced Ty Dolla and Tinashe, the latter of whom emerged from a giant cat head and whipped out her hips. A string of pink cat- suited dancers arrived from either side of the stage as Tinashe took her rightful spot in the center, leading them through the sexy moves.

You're wondering what a kitty is, I'm sure. We let pre-show host Kelly Osbourne ask that earlier:

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