The 'Atlanta' Cast Is Warming Up For Season 2 In Rad Matching Jackets

No clue when we can expect 'Robbin Season' to drop, though

The good news: We finally have an update from the cast of Atlanta, in that we have proof that Donald Glover and company were hanging out together (and presumably working on the second season of the hit FX show while doing so).

The bad news: Lakeith Stanfield is having a field day with this speculation, as he's changed the date on this Instagram post a handful of times in the last few hours, and we have no idea when Atlanta's second season premiere will be.

It's not April 2018. It's not February 2019. It's not February 2020. We have no idea when "Robbin Season" while debut, but it's safe to say it's not one of the dates he's thrown out there.

(Pitchfork reached out to FX to confirm the premiere date, which they declined to do, and they definitely didn't sign off on Stanfield's assertion, either.)

Regardless, the cast of Atlanta convened in some killer matching jackets, and hopefully this means that the award-winning show will be making a return in 2018 and not 2020, as Stanfield's Instagram currently implies.

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