The Ghost From 'The Grudge' Has Her Own Instagram Now

Her ghoulish son gets in on the fun, too

In 2004, actress Takako Fuji haunted your nightmares as Kayako Saeki, the main ghost in The Grudge horror franchise. Who could forget this face and the eerie "ahh ahh ahh" gurgling voice that came with it?


Now Fuji is reprising her role as Kayako in the upcoming Sadako vs. Kayako movie. (Sadako is the name of the creepy long-haired girl in The Ring, by the way.)

To promote the film, Fuji started a parody Instagram account for Kayako and her ghost son, Toshio. Behold the terror:

I feel ya, Toshio. Waking up at an ungodly early hour and grabbing a quick breakfast before school is straight-up HORRIFYING. So is finding out your height, apparently.

And having a leisurely mother-son picnic in the park.

And laundry. What if you accidentally shrink your fave sweater?

Dinnertime is rough, too.

Kayako and Toshio look creepy doing just about anything, really.

Seriously, ANYTHING.

I mean, this video looks straight out of a horror movie.

Sweet dreams, everyone.

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H/T The Verge