This 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Star Is Really, 'Really' Not Into Porgs

These little creatures make at least one cast member 'itchy'

The newest creature to join the Star Wars universe is the furry, big-eyed, pouty-faced Porg, but the cast and crew of The Last Jedi are split when it comes to loving or hating this new species from space.

The bulk of The Last Jedi's cast sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on December 1 to talk about the next chapter in the intergalactic epic, and it turns out the Porg is a divisive topic. Some actors think it's adorable; some extremely don't; some break out in hives upon seeing them.

John Boyega, who'll reprise his role of Finn from The Force Awakens, for one, is 100% not a fan.

"I just naturally don't like 'em," he admits without hesitation. "I don't. On the [Millennium] Falcon there was a hole, and [it had] little Porgs all bunched together, and then there were big ones, and I got itchy. They had the puppets all blinking and stuff. I'm not into it."

Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, isn't allergic to the penguin/guinea pig-looking rodent-things. Finn is pro-Porg, and even made a point to throw director Rian Johnson a thumbs-up for his creations to prove it.

So, what's the verdict: Are you pro-Porg or anti-Porg? See for yourself on December 15, when The Last Jedi opens in theaters.

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