13 'Full House' Memes You Need In Your Life

For when you're lost out there and you're all alone.

When Netflix heard the nostalgic call for a new round of some Tanner family fun a la "Full House," the streaming service-turned-excellent programming site did a big Michelle-style thumbs up and said "You got it, dude!"

And now, we're mere weeks from journeying back to the San Francisco house of so many life lessons with "Fuller House" penciled in for a February 26th release date (read: binge-a-thon). Oh Mylanta!

So, to celebrate Comet 2.0, the return of Uncle Jesse's bitchin' hair and all the things the new series will bring -- and also because Candace Cameron Bure and Entertainment Weekly reminded us that these exist and are ridiculously awesome -- we wanted to give a little love to the "Full House" memes that totally remind us of the milk man, the paper boy, evening TV and everything else we so love(d) about the throwback show.

Face it. Daddy Tanner did have some swagger.

Full House Meme6

Uncle Jesse would totally approve of this meme. Have mercy.

Full House Meme4

Michelle definitely went beastmode at the playground. Remember when she climbed up on top of the batting cage? C'mon.

Full House Meme5

Important opinion to note.

Full House Meme4

Kinda creepy but also kinda not.

Full House Meme3

Before the duck face trend there was this kid.

Full House Meme2

Har har, the inevitable card game reference.

Full House Meme

They need a good 'ship name now, guys.

DJ Tanner Meme8

Wu-Tanner Clan. 'Nuff said.

DJ Tanner Meme6

Best Pokemon card ever?

DJ Tanner Meme5

Spin girl, spin.

DJ Tanner Meme5

Usher is into it, we just know it.

DJ Tanner Meme3

Translation: EVERYTHING.

DJ Tanner Meme2