Aubrey O'Day's Former 'Making The Band' Co-Stars Talk About Her 'Playboy' Shoot

Day26 have 'much love' for Aubrey's decision, while ex-Danity Kane bandmate Dawn Richard 'doesn't know what to say.'

When MTV News caught up with several of Aubrey O'Day's former "Making the Band" castmates, we had to know: What do they think of the [article id="1597082"]ousted Danity Kane member[/article]'s [article id="1602573"]upcoming Playboy shoot[/article]? The responses varied, but they all cracked a smile when the topic came up.

[article id="1603889"]The guys of Day26[/article] expressed only love and excitement for O'Day's photo shoot. "I'm going to get that issue," Will Taylor said. "Much love to her. Ain't no hard feelings."

The group's resident prankster, Robert Curry, joked that he had "already seen" the Playboy spread. "I'm just playing!" he laughed. "Big up to Aubrey, and may she be blessed in everything she does. It's sad things ended the way they did, but Aubrey, we still love you. I still love you."

"I'm gonna be the first person to pick it up," Brian Angel added. "Tell me when it debuts. Playboy, I support you and Aubrey. I wanna see it!"

The only guy apprehensive about responding to the news was Qwanell "Que" Mosley: "Next question!"

Meanwhile, [article id="1603737"]Aubrey's former bandmate Dawn Richard[/article] was a little more unsure about the whole thing. "Um, congratulations? I don't know what to say to that," Richard told MTV News. "When someone says, 'Yo, she posed for Playboy.' That's great."

Richard did find one positive thing to say about the whole endeavor: "I mean, she has a great body, so yay. I can't tell somebody what their career move is. Maybe that's what they wanted their career to be."

But just because she's OK with O'Day posing for Playboy doesn't mean she'll be the next former DK member to grace the magazine's pages.

"Would I do that right now? My mom would beat me," Richard said. "I don't judge. It's like, whatever. I don't judge people. I'm not going to give it more time than that. I think people give it too much time, actually."

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