You'll Love Jonah Hill Singing Drake's 'Marvin's Room,' But He 'Hated Every Second Of It'

Actor turned singer?

Lil Wayne -- who reiterated his distaste for his label, Cash Money -- wasn't the only one whose set at VICE'S 20th anniversary party on Friday caught our ears. There was also Jonah Hill singing Drake's "Marvin's Room." Just like you always wanted.

The actor hit the stage and began his musical moment in the spotlight by addressing Drizzy directly. "Hey Drake, I sent you an emoji, dawg; I sent you a panda emoji," he said. "And then I saw the dot, dot, dot, but then that sh-- went blank again. That sh-- kinda broke my heart, Drake."

Maybe the Toronto native will respond to Hill's text after hearing his rendition of the Take Care standout.

"Cups of the rose," he sings to start, earning a roar from the crowd for the song's opening line. Later, he remixes a little: "F--k that actor that you love so bad/ I know you still think about the times we had," he croons (Drizzy's version, of course, doesn't say "actor").

It sure looked like everyone watching live was having fun, and I had fun watching it on my computer -- but Hill had the opposite experience.

He "hated every second of it," the "22 Jump Street" star told Vulture. "Spike [Jonze] asked me to do it. It was like a bucket-list thing...I'll never do that ever again."

It's been a busy few days for Hill, hip-hop-wise. He gets a shoutout from J. Cole on "Note to Self," the last track on Cole's 2014 Forest Hills drive album, which is officially out tomorrow but leaked online last week.

"And Jonah! Oh, Jonah Hill! How could I forget Jonah Hill! Yo, that sh-- you told me when we was in the elevator, n---a that sh-- changed my life," Cole says during a spoken outro on the track, rather convincingly -- before revealing, sadly, that he's joking. "I'm just f--kin' playin'."

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