Daniel Radcliffe Did Not Masturbate On The Set Of 'Harry Potter'

The 'Victor Frankenstein' star clarifies *those* rumors.

Guys, just so you know, the only wands played with on the set of "Harry Potter" were the actual movie props. Daniel Radcliffe wants to make sure you know this after he spoke up about masturbating in an interview with Playboy this past October.

"My favorite line about masturbation is Louis C.K.’s, something like 'I found out about it when I was 11, and I didn’t skip a day.' I think I started very early -- before my teens. But not when I was on set," Radcliffe said. "I wasn’t going, When is Alan Rickman going to nail this scene so I can run back to my trailer?"

The internet and media outlets naturally jumped on this connection between everyone's favorite childhood books/movies and, well, a little extra wand-waving. (Serious question: Does the Wingardium Leviosa spell work in these situations? J.K. Rowling, please confirm.)

Somehow, the very inaccurate rumor was born that Radcliffe masturbated while on the "Harry Potter" set. He found out about this during a recent interview with NME.


“I didn’t say I wanked on set!” Racliffe, who stars in the just-released "Victor Frankenstein," clarified in the magazine's cover story, published Friday, Nov. 27.

"It’s frustrating when you tell a story and say, 'Yes, I wanked a lot when I was a teenager,' but clearly I didn’t mean on set," he continued. "Can you make this clear for me: I was not wanking during the filming of Potter -- I managed to restrain myself until I got home."

There you have it, folks. The truth prevails.

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