Kylie Jenner’s Early Birthday Gift From Tyga Is ‘Almost Too Boss’

The youngest Jenner’s birthday is a few days away, but her BF couldn’t wait to surprise her

Kylie Jenner doesn’t turn 19 until August 10, but Tyga pulled out all the stops to surprise her before she blew out the candles on her birthday cake with another (!) car.

Kylie took to her Snapchat on August 6 to excitedly gush over her birthday gift, a shiny new Mercedes-Maybach, and

">professed her love for her boyfriend in the process. “Happy early birthday to me!” she coos before taking a lap around the whip.

Tyga croons a quick “Happy Birthday,” and Kylie, who seems genuinely shocked, surveys her surprise.

The car is sleek, sophisticated, and a bit more subdued than the Ferrari Tyga bought her for the big 1-8. It’s a decidedly more adult automobile, and one the makeup mogul seems totally stoked to drive. (Hopefully, Tyga avoids any sort of car trouble this time around.)

Here’s to a “boss” 19 years for Miss Kylie.