A Fan Stole Billie Eilish's Ring At Her Show, So She Told Them To 'Take Care Of It'

'Somebody stole my fucking ring!'

Billie Eilish: noted badass. We can't help but to stan.

Whether it's walking on the ceiling during a wild SNL performance or dressing exactly the way she wants to when she wants to, she knows she's got it going on. So when she she got down in the pit with fans during a recent show, only to return to the stage with one of her rings missing, of course she didn't lose her cool. She dealt with it in a way only Billie Eilish could: She told them to "keep that shit."

During the Austin City Limits Music Festival over the weekend, Billie busted out one of her biggest hits: "Ocean Eyes." After spending time with fans at the front of the crowd in the pit, she returned to the stage with a realization: someone had stolen her ring.

"Somebody stole my fucking ring!" she exclaimed. "I guess that’s my fault." She was visibly irritated, as anyone would be, but she wasn't going to let it ruin her day or her show. Instead, she had some words for the culprit: "Keep that shit. Take care of that shit. You okay though? Are you okay? Are you crushed? No? Okay, I am..." she trailed off, with a hint of a giggle, likely trying to make light of the situation. What are you going to do otherwise?

Naturally, the throng of fans in the crowd began shouting "GIVE! IT! BACK!" We don't have to tell you that this did not happen, because the person who ended up pilfering the ring may very well have been immediately trampled.

"The ring is gone for good," Billie said in response to the crowd's demands. "It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Whoever has that shit, though, take care of it, okay?"

We hope you're taking care of it, mystery fan.