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Guns N' Roses Dates Canceled

Source close to band says concert promoter pulled plug after second no-show.

After their second no-show concert in a month, Guns N' Roses may have had the plug pulled on their first tour in almost a decade.

A source close to the band told MTV News that concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment canceled the trek, which was scheduled to run through the end of the year. The source gave no reason for the cancellation.

A spokesperson at Clear Channel would not confirm that the tour has been canceled, stating that so far only the December 6 and December 8 shows in Philadelphia and Monday's (December 9) show in Washington, D.C., were axed.

While the spokesperson said that only three shows have been canceled, she could not confirm that any of the other scheduled shows will take place. In addition, a publicist for opening band CKY said his group was told to pack up and go home and that no additional gigs with GN'R would happen anytime soon.

On their Web site yesterday, CKY wrote, "Guns N' Roses tour canceled. Typical. And freakishly expected. Haha."

The decision to halt the GN'R tour came after the band canceled a show at Philadelphia's First Union Center on Friday because Axl Rose failed to appear. An announcement over the PA at the venue said the show was called off due to "health issues," and a spokesperson for the First Union Center told the Associated Press that a bandmember fell ill.

The night of the show, opening band CKY performed a complete 40-minute set, then DJ Mix Master Mike spun for a full hour, considerably longer than he performed on other dates of the tour (see [article id="1459054"]"Mix Master Mike Taking Rock Fans To School On GN'R Tour"[/article]). After he left the stage at 9:40, almost 90 minutes elapsed before the announcement came that the show was canceled, a person on the scene said.

Chants of "Axl sucks, Axl sucks" and less polite sentiments followed, and then the crowd became unruly. For around 10 minutes, cups of beer, bottles, ceiling tiles and other debris rained down from the upper tier, and audience members on the floor started flinging seats at the stage, mixing board and each other. Several fights were reported, and there were 15 complaints of injury, police said. Of those, five people were sent to Methodist Hospital for evaluation. There were no major injuries reported, and no arrests were made.

"They really f---ed the Philly fans over," wrote CKY. "Really bad idea. I wouldn't suggest they come back."

The Guns tour had been garnering strong reviews, though ticket sales were soft in some markets and the trek got off on the wrong foot. The band's scheduled tour opener in Vancouver, British Columbia, had its plug pulled by the venue, sparking similar unrest (see [article id="1458577"]"Fans Riot After Guns N' Roses Tour Kickoff Canceled: Kurt Loder Reports"[/article]). The group kicked off its tour the following night in Tacoma, Washington (see [article id="1458601"]"Axl Blows Out Throat, Dons Chicken Bucket For Glitchy Guns Tour Launch"[/article]).

After the fact, Rose told a Seattle radio station that the Vancouver show could have gone on, and that the venue scrapped the show without consulting the band (see [article id="1458653"]"Axl Rose Claims Canceled GN'R Show Could Have Gone On"[/article]).

This story was updated on December 9, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.