Family Values To Sit Out Crowded Fall Tour Season

The third annual Family Values tour will be getting a later start than usual this time around as organizers are pushing back its kickoff until January due to heavy fall touring traffic.

In announcing the delay, outing organizer John Scher pointed to upcoming tours from Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and the Stone Temple Pilots' Return Of The Rock tour with Godsmack as potential competition for the trek.

Although he wouldn't divulge any possible headliners, Scher did say he was getting a lot of interest from numerous acts, and that there was always a possibility that tour partner Korn will perform on a few select dates.

Last year's headliner, Limp Bizkit, will dip into the potential Family Values market with its own trek, which includes Eminem, Papa Roach, and Xzibit, as well as DMX on some dates. Limp frontman Fred Durst said that the band currently has no plans to return to the Family Values tour.

[article id="1444061"]"We're

not involved, and I really don't think there should be a Family Values,"[/article] Durst told MTV News last week. [article id="1444061"]"I think it should have only been the first one anyway. I think the one we did last year was bullsh**. It was good for us to play for our fans, but it wasn't Family Values. It didn't feel like it. I think if Family Values happens again, it should be Korn and Limp Bizkit just to rekindle what was there. But, other than that, just leave it alone, like Woodstock." [RealVideo][/article]

That said, Durst and Limp hope to make their own mark with their fall tour.

"I think we're probably gonna call it the 'Anger Management' tour," Durst said. "It's just the power bill. It's the balance. You start the show with Xzibit with hip-hop, give 'em Papa Roach, give

'em Eminem, give 'em

Limp Bizkit... It's both worlds colliding and making it that way. The second half of the tour so far is DMX. I can't promise you that he's gonna feel like touring at that time, but I'm crossing my fingers, because I think DMX is super dope." [RealVideo]

Dates for the Limp, Eminem, Papa Roach, Xzibit, DMX tour have yet to be unveiled.

Meanwhile, one former Family Values artist sees a need for the outing. "I feel sorry for Fred, because I think any opportunity to be in front of the American youth culture is a wonderful thing," Durst's one-time Family Values tourmate, singer Richard Patrick of Filter, told MTV News. "Family Values is an alternative to the corporate sellout pop bullsh**. There has to be a focus on abstract thought in this country and not a focus on how well some young boys and girls can shake their ass and lip-sync."

Patrick then went on to take a swipe at Durst for his appearance at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards: "Fred thinks that Family Values

II is bullsh**. You know what's bullsh**? Fred getting onstage with Christina Aguilera and embarrassing us all."