Ryan Key Revisits ‘Ocean Avenue’ Before Yellowcard’s Breakup

The band's final record comes out this month

The waves are crashing down on Yellowcard. Last June, the band penned a good-bye letter to fans announcing that after almost two decades together, they'd be calling it quits. But before they go, we'll get one (technically two) last hurrah: one more record and a world tour.

Yellowcard, the band's tenth and final album, will drop September 30, and the band's last round of shows begins the following weekend. But with all this talk of the end, let's not forget where it all started: "Ocean Avenue."

"I don’t know if it’s necessarily my favorite song we’ve ever written, but it’s the most important song we’ve ever written," frontman Ryan Key recently told Entertainment Weekly.


"Ocean Avenue" was one of the biggest songs from 2004's crop of radio-friendly, pop-punk gems, and its catchy chorus skyrocketed the band straight to the mainstream.

"If we’re having a bad show, it makes a good show. If we’re having a good show, it makes a great show," Key explained. "We didn’t know it was going to get radio play or MTV success, but we had a sense that it was a special song, one of the most accessible, massive-sounding pop songs that we’d ever written. But we didn’t know that song was going to change our lives forever."

Fun fact: Ocean Avenue is a real place. The name was inspired by Ocean Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida, where Yellowcard formed way back in 1997. They're playing one final show there November 18, so if any diehard fans have been meaning to visit the sunshine state, it's now or never.

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