Killer Mike Addresses Michael Brown Shooting On CNN

Mike Bigga heads to national TV to speak about a national issue.

Listening to Killer Mike's music -- from his Pledge series to R.A.P. Music to his work as part of Run the Jewels -- it's evident that he has a knack for understanding, articulating and contextualizing what he feels are some of the most prominent issues facing American society as a whole, as well as black communities.

And he was at it once again on Wednesday (August 20), during an appearance on CNN. The appearance comes on the heels of an Op-Ed written for Billboard, published on Tuesday, where Bigga examined the shooting of Michael Brown as well as the fallout in Ferguson, Missouri, and beyond.

"I have searched all night and day for new and better words that could express my feelings and fear for the people of this country," he wrote. "I found no new words. I have no hope-filled insight to deliver. I only have this warning to all Americans: Whatever this country is willing to do to the least of us, it will one day do to us all."

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He came back today on national TV expressing that same sentiment -- that what's going on is something everyone in the United States should care about.

"If this police officer is not arrested, what immediately may happen...may be tears and pain and agony and burning, and I hope it's not that," he said during the close of a chat where he also discussed his father's career as a police officer and how he feels the barber shop that he owns in Atlanta is important for community relations.

"But what really happens if this police officer isn't arrested is all of our rights are continually thrown out the window. I'm afraid for all Americans. I'm not just afraid for black Americans. I'm afraid for all Americans, because whether it's this situation with this particular policeman in Ferguson or illegal traffic stops, or a policeman asking you questions that directly interfere with your Fifth Amendment rights, things have gotten to the point that we all have an apathy, that we aren't on the case about the people we vote into office. Meaning mayors, the people they appoint, police chiefs and the people that are hiring police. We, as Americans, have to be more vigilant about policing the people that we pay to protect and serve us."

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