Mark Wahlberg A.K.A. Marky Mark

Though he was once celebrated as a rapper for songs such as "Good Vibrations," Mark Wahlberg is now known primarily for his acting work in such films such as "Boogie Nights" and "Three Kings."

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born on June 5, 1971, in Boston. He is the younger brother of New Kids on the Block's Donnie Wahlberg.

Wahlberg initially followed in his brother's musical footsteps, assembling the Funky Bunch, which included DJ Terry Yancy and five dancers.

The group's debut, Music for the People (1991), went platinum on the strength of the #1 hit "Good Vibrations," which featured a sample of Loleatta Holloway's disco hit "Love Sensation." "Good Vibrations" also went top 20 in the UK.

Also from the debut was "Wildside," a reworking of Lou Reed's classic "Walk on the Wild Side," that entered the top 10. Wahlberg's fame grew from his omnipresent Calvin Klein underwear ads and reportedly anti-homosexual beliefs.

The Funky Bunch's second LP, You Gotta Believe, did not sell as well as its predecessor, and Wahlberg turned to acting. Though he appeared in "Renaissance Man" (1994) with Danny DeVito, perhaps his best-known role was that of porn star Dirk Diggler in director Paul Thomas Anderson's 1997 hit "Boogie Nights."

Last year, Wahlberg appeared in "Three Kings," with George Clooney, and in "The Corruptor." This year, he stars in three films: rock music biopic "Metal God," "The Yards" and "The Perfect Storm."

Other birthdays Monday: Freddie Stone (Sly & the Family Stone), 54; Brian McKnight, 31; and Floyd Butler (Friends of Distinction), 1941–1990.

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