Scott Storch Says He And Paris Are Making 'Amazing' Music

Producer says her LP has everything from rock to club sing-alongs.

Could a Paris Hilton album actually be on the horizon?

At last year's VMAs, Paris said she'd be working with the Black Eyed Peas and Lil Jon, and within a few months she was projecting her album would be out by February. But February came and went without an album from the hotel heiress, and none of her proposed collaborations happened -- the Black Eyed Peas turned her down, and she couldn't get her schedule to match with Lil Jon's, since she got caught up filming her movie "Pledge This!" (see [article id="1494018"]"Paris Hilton Hooks Up With Lil Jon, Shares Her Horsemeat Gross-Out"[/article]).

But at this year's VMAs, Hilton brought along her best accessory yet -- proof she'd made progress. Producer Scott Storch accompanied her and vouched for the budding singer's "work ethic," saying that the still-untitled album is about halfway done. "She's doing her thing, and I mean, the stuff is surprising," he said. "Every song we do now is, like, totally amazing. We've got different-style records -- from serious, heartfelt rock songs to club-oriented, sing-along, hot records. It's balanced."

Storch is the latest in a long line of producers who've worked with Hilton. She started with Romeo Antonio, promptly moved to Robb Boldt (who first recorded her leaked song "Screwed" with her; see [article id="1489998"]"Leak Complicates Paris/ Haylie Fight Over Who Gets 'Screwed' "[/article]), then finished a retooled, rockier version of "Screwed" with Rob Cavallo, and has finally landed on her feet with Storch, the man responsible for songs as diverse as Beyoncé's "Baby Boy," Terror Squad's "Lean Back" and Christina Aguilera's "Can't Hold Us Down." He's also the man feuding with her would-be producer, Lil Jon, who was going to work with her on a song called "That's Hot" (see [article id="1508706"]"Lil Jon Slams Scott Storch For 'Biting' His Style -- 'Nonsense,' Storch Replies"[/article]).

"Every one of [Storch's] songs, I listen to all the time," Hilton enthused. "I had no idea it was just one person who did all those songs. It's crazy."

Hilton and Storch met through a mutual friend, businessman Fereidoun "Fred" Khalilian, the singer's partner in her Club Paris ventures. And since hooking up in the studio, they've also become fast friends. "We immediately hit it off," she said. "We're so much alike, and we have the best time together. It's fun."

They're also hanging out "every night" with songwriter Kara DioGuardi, who has contributed "a lot" of tunes for the album (see [article id="1497809"]"Ashlee And Hilary's Hitmaker Is Eager To Work With Paris Hilton"[/article]). "She's the best, she's cool, she's one of my favorites," Hilton raved. "We love her."

While "Screwed," "That's Hot" and "Turn It Up" were all in contention to be the first single, that decision hasn't been made yet, according to Hilton's label rep. "There's a couple choices we got," Storch said. "Closer to Christmastime, you guys will hear something hot. We have some cool stuff planned."

"It's really exciting," Hilton said. "I've been wanting to do this forever, and now it's finally coming together. I'm so happy."

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