Shawn Mendes Kissed Some Strangers And A Puppy ’Cause Twitter Told Him To

Here’s what happens when you force a pop star to follow the commands of his followers

Twitter can put a lot of negativity out into the universe, but for Shawn Mendes, it just brought about a bunch of confusing scenarios that involved kissing strangers and singing to some babies.

Mendes spent some time with BuzzFeed’s Keith Habersberger, but Shawn and Keith weren’t just catching up: They invited Shawn’s Twitter followers to dictate the singer’s every move, and from there they decided that their day would be spent carrying out these 140-character wishes, no matter how weird or allergy-inducing they may be.

Using Twitter polls, Shawn had his followers choose his adventure, which began with kissing strangers at BuzzFeed HQ — and a puppy — on the forehead. (Shawn’s allergic. He got caught up in the moment, hives be damned.) A fast-food run and an impromptu drive-thru serenade followed, as did some quality sing-along time with an adorable baby and an awkward breakup scene to cap it all off.

No puppies, babies, or BuzzFeed employees were harmed in the making of this video. (That chili cheeseburger and Mendes’s itchy face weren’t so lucky, though.)

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