Here’s What Loonette The Clown From ‘The Big Comfy Couch’ Is Up To Now

No word on Molly, though.

If you grew up in the '90s, odds are you watched "The Big Comfy Couch." The preschool show had it all: talking dust bunnies, a clock stretch routine, and one silent doll who you just knew was up to no good.

Alyson Court originated the role of Loonette the Clown on the beloved (and bizarre) show. Loonette would solve problems and find treasures with the help of her doll Molly, Granny Garbanzo, a cat named Snicklefritz and delivery man Major Bedhead.

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The Big Comfy Couch

Alyson Court as Loonette the Clown

While still well-known for Loonette, Court's resume is quite lengthy. She was the voice of Lydia Deetz on the animated TV show "Beetlejuice" from '89 to '91. A year later, she lent her voice to the "X-Men" series as Jubilee/Jubilation Lee.

She played Priscilla Presley in the mockumentary "Elvis Meets Nixon," and voiced Queen Martha in the U.S. edition of Nick Jr.'s "Mike the Knight." Furthermore, she's the voice of Claire Redfield in several of the "Resident Evil" video games.

More recently, Court's been a voice director since September 2014, according to her LinkedIn page, and is also a writer/producer.

Here's what Court looks like today.

But if you're not ready to see her without her iconic clown getup, here's a compromise.

Her son Blaede is precious.

And it's obvious he gets his outgoing personality from his mom.

He even dressed as Molly one Halloween.

He's carrying a severed head of Major Bedhead, FYI. Told you Molly was up to no good.

And Court went as a zombified Loonette, because why not?

She makes the best Christmas cards.

And goes all out for the Toronto Blue Jays.

A few years ago, Court uploaded a video to YouTube with a super powerful message to young girls everywhere.


Loonette was definitely a staple of '90s kids' childhoods, teaching us all kinds of important things.

But one thing stood out among the rest.

Long live "The Big Comfy Couch"!

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The Big Comfy Couch