The Definitive Ranking Of Supergirl’s Best (And Weirdest) Costumes

Think flying in a skirt is weird? Some of these are even weirder.

Like her older Kryptonian cousin before her, Supergirl's got a pretty classic red, gold and blue design -- but while we all remember her best in the cape a skirt that Melissa Benoist currently wears on her new CBS series, Kara Zor-El's tried on a lot of different styles and colors over the years. Heck, when the character was in her heyday during the '70s, she practically wore a new reader-designed costume every single issue!

So when was Kara at her most super-fashionable? We tracked down as many of her old get-ups as we could find, and we officially have your answer -- starting with the most obviously awful costume idea, which is no costume at all:

Bein' Naked

DC Comics


C'mon, Kara, we know you just came out of a Kryptonian pod you've been stuck in for years but even superheroes need clothes!

Uh, This One

DC Comics


Don't even know where to start with this one, honestly.

This One Also

DC Comics

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.03.57 PM

I know she's got super strength and doesn't need to worry about armor, but this is ridiculous.

Melissa Benoist's Workout Gear


Supergirl hot pants and headband

Just say no to headbands, kids.

The '80s Headband



Supergirl died in this outfit once -- probably because she didn't want to be seen in it.

This Weird Belted Suit

DC Comics


You'd think a full-body suit for Supergirl would be great, right? Nope, not when she's wearing a logo on her belt AND her chest. That just looks kinda weird.

The "Smallville" Look

The CW


Well, she's got the core concept down!

The '70s Hot Pants

DC Comics


A little dated, but at least it was original and a pretty neat silhouette.

The '60s Mod Look

DC Comics

supergirl 60s

Again, you can definitely tell which decade this is from, but it's still pretty cute!

Dark Supergirl

DC Comics


Every hero goes through a goth phase, and alternate universe Kara's was pretty solid.

Her Current New 52 Costume

DC Comics


Her iconic skirt doesn't appear in this new look -- instead she's got an accented, um, crotch. It's all right, but it does look kinda funny in certain angles.

The Earth-2 Version

DC Comics

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 5.29.13 PM

This alternate version of Kara is technically known as Power Girl, but the outfit she wore when she was still fighting crime as Supergirl does a pretty cool job of modifying the iconic S to fit across her chest. See, that's how you do a redesign!

Her Original Costume

Action Comics 267 Supergirl crop

They pretty much struck gold from the beginning, if you ask us.

The '90s Midriff

DC Comics


A great look to bring Kara back after years of being dead -- although her torso always looks just a little too long when she's wearing it, if we're being honest.

The '90s Midriff (In Red)

Warner Bros.


Superman looks kinda weird without his red undies, right? So does Supergirl without the red skirt, sometimes.

Her Red Lantern Costume

Regardless of what you think about Kara's new red crotch, you've got to admit -- the silhouette of her current look translated amazingly when she switched teams and joined the Red Lanterns for a while.

The "Justice League" T-Shirt

Warner Bros.


The crop top, itty bitty cape and tight skirt probably weren't conducive to fighting, but they were still perfect for informing you about just what the animated version of Kara was like -- fun, spunky, and very much interested in proving herself as more than just Superman's cousin. Plus, this is for sure the easiest costume to closet cosplay!

Her Space Armor

DC Comics

SG-36-09compress 2

Why doesn't she just wear this look on the regular instead of her red crotch? It really suits her well, and it's a lot sturdier than her usual skirted outfit (as much as we love that, too).

The Bombshell Variant

DC Comics


Everything about the Bombshells line is awesome, and Supergirl's look is especially adorable.

Supergirl's Kryptonian Battle Armor

DC Comics

sg 10-01-1

Come on, tell me this isn't awesome. She looks like a Pacific Rim Jaeger!

The CBS Supergirl


SUPERGIRL First-Look Image (Full-Body)

Already an instant classic! Although, she must go through a lot of tights while she's tracking down criminals from Fort Rozz.

The Classic Movie Look

TriStar Pictures


Say what you want about whether not the 1984 film was any good, but that costume is the Supergirl costume (although Melissa Benoist's look comes close, of course!)