5SOS Had To Give Up Their Logo?

The guys might be facing copyright claims.

You may have noticed that 5 Seconds of Summer have been putting out some pretty cool merch lately -- merch that doesn't include their longtime stamp of 5SOSness: the tally mark. Yeah, the new designs are punk rock, but why get rid of something classic?

5 Seconds of Summer

5sos logo

Apparently, the guys had to ditch their tally logo due to copyright, according to a now-deleted tweet from Calum Hood on Saturday. A fan asked the bandmember where all the tallies went, and Calum replied, "copyright brah."

copyright brah

Rumor has it that clothing company Undefeated is reportedly suing the band for using their tally logo.

<a href="https://twitter.com/UNDEFEATEDInc" target="_blank">Undefeated</a>

undefeated logo

Fans, of course, are not happy. They've already started a petition to get the logo back.

Here's the merch that introduces the new skull logo.

<a href="http://5secondsofsummer.shop.bravadousa.com/" target="_blank">5 Seconds of Summer</a>

5SOS Merch

The skull logo was created by designer-to-the-stars Tom Gordon, who wrote on his website that their tally logo "became too problematic."

"In July 2014 I was asked to submit a handful of designs to a merchandise pitch for 5 Seconds of Summer based on some work of mine that the bands management had seen. What was originally supposed to be a small project turned into a full blown branding job when their tally logo became too problematic to use. The skull logo that they now use as their key branding was a quick doodle that I made at the time for a lanyard design!"

MTV News has reached out to Undefeated and 5SOS for comment on the rumors, but haven't heard back by press time.

Instead of using their old logo, Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton have been commissioning artists to design posters for each show -- Gordon is one of them. They're currently on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour.

The tally is nowhere to be found.

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