Wale Again Proves That His Lyrical Sports References Are In A League Of Their Own

Listen closely

What do you do when you have free time? If you’re Wale, you drop a new collection of songs.

At least, that’s what he did on Thursday night (August 11), when he posted a new four-song set to SoundCloud with the title Today....i Got Time! That EP is now down to three songs, sadly, because he was asked take his verse from “Sucker for Pain,” from the Suicide Squad soundtrack, down.

Still, that leaves three other joints — “Brightseat Road Freestyle,” “Heel/Face Freestyle,” and “Solbiato Freestyle” — to bridge between his recently released Summer on Sunset mixtape and his upcoming Shine album.

Listen closely: From his callback to WWE stars like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Earthquake, and Ric Flair to his mention of former basketball star Dajuan Wagner and the late Len Bias, dude still has some of the best sports references around, always with a purpose behind them.