First-Look Photo: Holly Montag Shows Off Her Newborn Son

See the 'Hills' star cuddle up to her bundle of joy Isaiah.

On "The Hills," photo shoots meant glam squads, luxe sets and enough hairspray to feed a forest fire. But now that former cast member Holly Montag has become a mom, picture-taking is a bit more low-key.

After announcing late last year that she and husband Richie Wilson were expecting a baby, Montag gave birth to son Isaiah Hawk Wilson over the weekend and extended the Montag family tree by an additional branch. Now, we have the official first entry into the infant's baby book.

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EXCLUSIVE: ** PREMIUM RATES APPLY ** Holly Montag Gives Birth to Baby Boy Isaiah Hawk Wilson May 3rd, the 7-pound, 5-ounce baby boy is the first child to Holly and husband Richie Wilson.

In the pic above, you can see Holly cradling her brand new bundle of joy, who officially clocked in at seven pounds, five ounces and 21 inches on May 3. Swaddled in cloth decorated with colorful footprints, Isaiah looks perfectly comfortable in his dear ol' ma's arms, and we've officially never seen Holly look happier.

And the joy seemed to be contagious, as Isaiah's aunt, Heidi Montag, gushed about her nephew over Twitter.

Can you believe Holly's a mom? How cute is her son?! Hope these two have a happy Mother's Day (don't forget to call yours!)!

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