Is Scott Really Kicking Stiles Out Of His 'Teen Wolf' Pack?

The True Alpha's bond with his best friend may finally be broken.

A world without Sciles would be like a world without glazed donuts — really, really sucky. Yet judging from tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode, that could be our new reality. *chokes back tears*

Wolf poop has officially hit the fan in Beacon Hills: Hayden is bleeding mercury, Parrish is stealing bodies, Scott suddenly has serious asthma, and so-called best friends (the True Alpha and Stiles) aren't exactly on speaking terms. Personally, we blame the new kid. No clue what Theo's motivation might be (something about the Dreads, obvi), but he seems hell-bent on driving a wedge between Scott and his pack.

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With tears in his eyes, Theo fibbed to Scott that an angry Stiles bashed in the chimera's skull, when clearly, that's not how Donovan even died. Theo then told Sheriff Stilinski an entirely different story (again with the fake crying), claiming that Stiles wasn't even present at the library that night.

But we all know the truth: Theo convinced the criminal-turned-cannibal to seek revenge on the sheriff by going after Stiles, who then killed Donovan (in self-defense, mind you) by piercing his body on a piece of scaffolding. When Scott confronted his best friend, Stiles insisted that he offed the chimera in self-defense, saying, "All of us can't be true Alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes... some of us are human!" Scott then stressed that "we can't kill people" and essentially told Stiles not to worry about Lydia or Malia, and that he should talk to his dad. (You know, his dad who is the head of Beacon Hills law enforcement.) So Scott is telling his BEST FRIEND to turn himself in...for something he didn't even really do.

Without knowing the full story, Scott is basically putting Theo's word over his bestie's. Does this mean Stiles is out of the pack? And is there ANY way their friendship can ever bounce back from this? Comment with your thoughts, and catch the semi-season finale next Monday at 10/9c!

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