Zendaya's Grammys Look Was Actually Inspired By This Music Icon -- Sorry, Billy Ray

This makes a little more sense, yes.

At first glance at Zendaya on the Grammys red carpet, you'd say she was inspired by Billy Ray Cyrus. Actually, we already did say it. But according to Zendaya herself, she had someone else in mind while planning her look.

Zendaya told MTV Style correspondent Gaby Wilson that she was actually inspired by David Bowie's Thin White Duke persona.

"Anything when it comes to fashion, for me, I am definitely inspired by past things and taking past things and doing it in my own way," she explained.

And as for that mullet, Zendaya knew we'd all be talking about it (and probably rocking our own version too, TBH).

"I was like, 'you know what? I don't think anybody on the red carpet tonight is gonna have a mullet.' So I decided I'd do it."

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And so begins the mullet trend of 2016.

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