Are Jake And Sadie A Perfect -- Albeit 'Awkward' -- Match?

As the saying goes, opposites attract.

Gentlemen prefer blondes, and we have a sneaking suspicion Awkward's resident bully might unwittingly dig 'em too.

On tonight's episode, in an attempt to heal her broken heart, Sadie pulled out all the stops to make ex-boyfriend Sergio jealous. The former lovebirds had agreed to put their relationship on hold while Sadie was away at college, but Sadie, who was sure they’d reunite once she returned home for summer break, was met with a different harsh truth: Sergio had moved, really moved on.

Rather than sulk, Sadie wrangled arm candy to show off at Sergio’s food truck. And she wrangled more arm candy. And more arm candy. Unfortunately for her, Palos Hills’ most GQ-worthy men weren’t enough to knock Sergio off balance, and he continued to ignore Sadie’s love games. Defeated, she seemed ready to concede…until one particular friend swooped in to help.

Jake, who’d always been on decent terms with Sadie, agreed to escort Sadie to the food truck for one last attempt at Mission: Make Sergio Jealous. Sergio remained unmoved, though, until Jake stepped up and tossed a trusty grenade into the other camp’s trenches.

“I’m gonna do something, but you’ve gotta promise not to punch me in the balls,” Jake said before he leaned in and planted a kiss on Sadie that could have silenced cannonades.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3 02 50 PM

Finally, Sergio – who watched from a distance – admitted he was a liiiittle envious. But is Sadie overlooking a clearer fit?

Think about it: If opposites attract, Jake might be a perfect complement to Sadie’s boorish rudeness. Where she’s dismissive, he’s inclusive; where she’s cutting, he’s an instinctive healer (who else would have agreed to Sadie’s seemingly ludicrous plan?). For all of the relationship merry-go-rounding on Awkward over the years, Jake and Sadie have never considered going out, but now that their first post-high school year has passed, it might be the perfect time to consider new romantic frontiers.

What do you think: Is Jake worth a second look, or is Sergio the only guy tough enough to put up with Sadie? Share your thoughts and be sure to tune in to the next Awkward episode next Tuesday at 10/9c!