Nicki Minaj Goes For Remy Ma’s Throat On A New Dis Track

Meek Mill doesn’t escape unscathed, either

Nicki Minaj has struck back at her forsworn enemy Remy Ma with not one, not two, but three new tracks — one of which she says is her "favorite song of all time."

"Changed It," "No Frauds," and "Regret in Your Tears" all came crashing down in the dark of the night loaded with some vicious barbs. Of the three new songs, "No Frauds" is the clear javelin aimed directly at Remy Ma's jugular in response to their ongoing beef. Nicki's backed up by both Drake and Lil Wayne here, and unloads pointed couplets like "What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack? / What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?"

That's referring to the time Remy Ma shot her friend over some stolen money and went to prison for six years. Nicki also suggests that Remy's two rapid-fire dis tracks were written with some under-the-table help from her husband Papoose.

As for why it took Nicki so long to respond to "Shether" and "Another One," she's cleared things up on Instagram: "Queens don't move on peasant time."

Nicki softens things a bit on the breakup track "Regret in Your Tears," which appears to be her first song about the dissolution of her relationship with Meek Mill.

That's the one she says is now her favorite song ever, a bold claim from someone who says she's about to drop an album that's "nothing but waves."

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