Stop Everything And Watch Robin Thicke's Film Debut

'Making the Rules' went straight to DVD … here's why.

Robin Thicke has been anything but reclusive lately -- he's made his attempts to win back estranged wife Paula Patton a public campaign through a sappy LP and several rather frank interviews. But, for some reason, he hasn't mentioned anything about the fact that, in between all that, he starred in his first-ever feature film this year, too.

Then again, judging from the fact that "Making the Rules" went straight to DVD this May, we can't exactly blame him for it. The indie romance stars Jaime Pressly as Abby, a temporarily out-of-work chef who starts an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Shaun, played by Thicke.

While you won't be able to catch "Making the Rules" in theaters, Vulture thankfully, has unveiled nearly three minutes of raw acting genius from Thicke.

And if you thought his unrelenting eye contact in the "Blurred Lines" video was slightly creepy, wait until you see him as the still-heartbroken and creepily soft-spoken Shaun.