Dr. Dre Talks N.W.A. Reunion; Track Surfacing On "Next Friday"

Dr. Dre must be in a sentimental mood these days. He reunited with former protege Snoop Dogg on "Dr. Dre 2001," and now he's eyeing a reunion with his old rap crew, N.W.A.

Last month, N.W.A. alumni Ice Cube told MTV News that a reunion was in the works, and now Dre says that it's looking likely that the seminal group will indeed work together again (see [article id="1430213"]"Ice Cube Prepares New Album, Talks N.W.A. Reunion"[/article]).

[article id="1443052"]"Me and Cube have been talking for the last two weeks about doing a N.W.A. album, and I'm really into it,"[/article] Dre told MTV News. [article id="1443052"]"He seems motivated. We talked to [MC] Ren. Snoop would be the fourth member of the group. I think it would be a hot project. Myself, Cube, Ren, and Snoop would be incredible." [/article]

[article id="1443052"]"We're gonna call the album 'Not Those N****z Again,'"[/article] he added, [article id="1443052"]"if and when it happens." [RealVideo][/article]

Whether or not a full-length album happens remains to be seen. However, Dre, Cube, Snoop, and Ren have already recorded at least one new track, "Chin Check," which will surface on the soundtrack to the upcoming Ice Cube film "Next Friday.

No word yet on whether the remaining surviving member of the group, Yella, would be involved in the reunion.

In the meantime, Dre has his own brand-new album, "Dr. Dre 2001," to promote. He plans to hit the road next year, along with Snoop, Eminem, Xzibit, and a few other acts (see [article id="1428266"]"Snoop Dogg Looks Forward To Chronic 2000 Tour With Dre, Eminem, Xzibit"[/article]).

Ice Cube, meanwhile, is preparing to release his next record, "War & Peace Volume 2: The Peace Disc," due out on January 25 (see [article id="1427318"]"Ice Cube Talks About That 'Puffy Magic'"[/article]).

MC Ren's most recent release was 1998's

"Ruthless For Life." Yella, meanwhile, has kept a low profile since the release of his 1996 album, "One Mo N**** To Go." N.W.A.'s remaining member, Eazy-E, died in 1995 of complications due to AIDS.

For more from our interview with Dr. Dre, check out the new MTV Online feature [article id="1427318"]"Dr Dre: Still D.R.E."[/article]

-- Brian Ives

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