Maisie Williams Pranks 'Game Of Thrones' Fans By Showing Up Where They Least Expect

She confuses quite a lot of people

If Game of Thrones fans aren't white-knuckling their remote controls at home right now yearning for Season 6 to begin, they're out doing GoT-related endeavors -- hobby shopping for Westeros merchandise, for example.

While they wait, Arya Stark is having a little fun with them.

Maisie Williams, the one who brings the best Stark (IMHO) to life on Game of Thrones, recently handed out GoT swag while pranking fans of the show who came in to Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica, California.

For the trick, Maisie donned a different persona, "Lorraine," a woman who seems exactly like Maisie Williams except for her name and her denial that she was actually, in fact Maisie Williams.

"Lorraine" required fans of the show to act out famous scenes in order to score the merch, including Joffrey's death scene, Cersei's walk of atonement, and more.

She even got grown-ass adults to fly around the hobby shop like dragons, which just proves that Arya/Lorraine/Maisie can do pretty much anything. 🐲

H/T Mashable

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