Watch Bodega Bamz Claim The Throne In 'El-Rey' Music Video

Bamz wants the crown.

When you watch Bodega Bamz's new video for "El-Rey," the Tan Boys rapper wants you to really take notice.

"I don't drop a lot of visuals because I want to make sure that every visual counts, I want to make sure that every visual hits," Bamz told MTV News. "It's nothing for me to just pick up a camera and just rap in front of a store. That's old for me. I want people to be like, 'Yo did he really do that?'"

Yes, Bodega Bamz really just did organize a cock fight and wash his money and dry it with a clothing iron in the video that he premiered on MTV Jams on Monday (November 17).

"El-Rey" is the first release from Bamz' upcoming album Sidewalk Exec. Last week Bodega announced his new partnership with Duck Down Music, where he will release his debut and then gave us the okay to premiere "El-Rey," which translates from spanish to the king.

"It's the same story of being a king, but it's just my story, it's my Latin side of it," Bamz explained to us. "The record is hard and it's one of my favorite records that I've ever recorded. I love the record."

For the Sidewalk Exec LP, Bodega will team with producer V-Don and, of course, the team at Duck Down, who has grown to one of hip-hop's biggest independent labels over the last 20 years.

“A sidewalk exec, it’s the boss of the corner,” he said, beginning to explain the album's title. “In this rap game, we already have the perspective of the hustler, we already got the perspective of the major player in the hood, but we never got the perspective of the connect, we never got the perspective of the dude that’s supplying these other dudes.”

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