16 Things We Learned About 'The Pinkprint' From Nicki Minaj's Twitter Q&A

This should help the next two weeks go by faster.

It's safe to say we're in full on The Pinkprint mode.

This week, a pre-order for Nicki Minaj's new album went up online, and we also got the track list for the upcoming third disc from the Young Money MC.

The lead-up to the December 15 release has been building for a while now -- "Pills N Potions" dropped back in May, followed by "Anaconda" in August, "Only" in October and "Bed of Lies" last month -- but we're still eager to find out more. For the full experience, of course, we'll have to wait another two weeks until the album is released. But any tidbits in the meantime are more than welcome.

And being the lover of her fans that she is, Nicki offered up some info on the album during a Twitter Q&A Tuesday (December 2) morning. Here's what you need to know.

The Beyonce Collab Was A Fair Exchange

Quid pro quo.

The Song Behind This Amazing Dance Move Is "Win Again"

We're all winning.

And She Wrote It For Her Fans


The "Only" Video Drops This Week

The behind-the-scenes pics have us ready.

"I Lied" Is Epic

No lies about it.

The Most Emotional Songs On The Album Are "All Things Go" And "Grand Piano"

Not "Bed of Lies"?

Nicki Minaj + Ariana Grande = Sexxxy


If You Want To Be Surprised About Her "SNL" Performance, Don't Read This

She's on the show this Saturday, December 6.

And If You Want To Know About Her Personal Life, Talk To This Monkey


A "Bed Of Lies" Video On The Way

Probably will look different than "Anaconda."

There Was A Lot That Didn't Make The Album

Give it to us later, then?

We're Gonna Get Some Mixtape Nicki

Rappers beware.

There Might Be Another Jaw-Dropping Video

More than "Anaconda"?

The Tour Will Be Named After The Album

Makes sense.

The iTunes Pre-Order Is Coming

Simmer down, it's on the way.

It's The Album She's Most Proud Of

We wouldn't have it any other way.

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