Half Of Kim Kardashian’s Closet Comes From Kanye West’s

King of T-shirts

We all know that Kim Kardashian gets style inspiration from her husband, Kanye West, but now we know that sometimes her clothes come directly from his closet.

"I steal his shirts on a daily basis. I pretty much wear half his closet and half mine," she recently told People Style. "I've worn button-up shirts with denim looks like one of his big Dickie shirts or his T-shirts and I'll put a corset over it."

Kim's fashion sense has come a long way since meeting Kanye, who famously helped clean out her closet when they got together, but that doesn't mean she threw everything she owned away.

"I saved them all for my daughter, before I even had a daughter, so one day she could see," she said. "I wanted to just keep those memories, but I started over and cleaned out my whole closet. He [Kanye] really inspires me and has introduced me to a lot of people in fashion that I really respect and like their taste."

Kanye, if you're not busy, my closet's looking a little dated.