'Wolverine' Updates: Set Videos, Villain Rumors And Potential 'X-Men' Sequel Connections

With "The Wolverine" officially in production now, you can expect to hear a whole lot more about the Hugh Jackman-starring superhero flick between now and its July 2013 release. In fact, you'll probably even hear some news from Jackman himself. See what he tweeted just yesterday:

we're on day 1 of shooting…..wolverine is back…feel so pumped about this one……never felt so ready!!!! will keep y'all posted!!!

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) July 30, 2012

Indeed, a whole bunch of news items have cropped up on the "Wolverine" front just in the past 24 hours. Keep reading for the rundown!

» Up first is our very first look at footage from the flick… well, sort of. A local news affiliate in Australia shot footage of the "Wolverine" set recently, revealing the Japanese P.O.W. camp we've heard so much about recently. Take a look for yourself in the video below, courtesy of CBR News.

» Additionally, Comic Book Movie reports details of what's allegedly the opening scene from "The Wolverine." According to their source, the atomic bomb we've already seen and heard about will go off very early in the new film. Beyond that, there's some speculation that Lieutenant Ethan Warren — perhaps better known to comics fans as Holocaust — might have a role to play in the sequel as well.

» As for people who aren't involved in the sequel, Jessica Biel has formally turned down the role of Viper in "The Wolverine." The "Total Recall" actress spoke with Collider about why she passed, and told Crave Online what she liked about the role: "She was this vivacious woman who is thrilled about her own immortality, and it was interesting, that kind of persona, I thought, for a quote-unquote 'villain' character."

» Related to Logan but not "The Wolverine," it appears that Fox's planned sequel to "X-Men: First Class" might really have the "Days of Future Past" subtitle after all. If Matthew Vaughn is indeed going in that direction, could Jackman be far behind, given his comic book counterpart's heavy involvement in that storyline?

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