Drake Took This New Year's Eve Party In Vegas From '0 To 100' Real Quick

Drizzy even brought his dad along for the festivities.

If this wasn't the greatest New Year's Eve party that Las Vegas has ever seen, then it's headed for it. The benevolent and handsome Canadian rapper Drake agreed to bestow his charisma and charm on the Marquee club in Vegas for their annual NYE party, and it honestly looks like it was a heavenly turn up.

Let's recap the night, shall we?

First, there's the fact that Drake is wearing what appears to be a dark brown velvet patterned tuxedo.

I'm really not a fashion expert here, but this tuxedo is a thing of beauty. It's just novel enough to reveal Drizzy's personality, but not "ironic" enough to actually be ugly—the perfect suit IMO. (You can see it better in the video clip below).

Then, there's Drake's New Year's resolution: "New year, same me."

Well at least he's not dishing out fake humility.

Oh, also Drake brought his dad to Vegas with him:

"Real wave gods," he captioned this pic.

Then of course, there's the actual medley of hits that Drake performs for the crowd to kick off the New Year:

"Started From The Bottom" melds seamlessly into "We Made It" and "0 to 100,"

Never change Drake, but please, do drop View From The 6 real quick.