50 Cent Compares ‘Empire’ To ‘Glee’

Oh and, Taraji, Fif's got his eye on you.

You might remember that 50 Cent was slightly peeved when Fox debuted the campaign for their new series "Empire" back in December -- but we can guarantee you that he's been watching the show.

At the time, 50 was annoyed because he felt their artwork and marketing concept was too similar to what he used for his STARZ series "Power" -- but now that he's watched the show, he has some real notes.

First, the capsule summary: "It's like "Glee," with a little hip-hop music in it."

And, what else?

"I feel like the story line is moving extremely fast. My character didn't show up till episode four in "Power" because I was in jail for a long period of time," 50 elaborated. "Taraji [P. Henson] came home on the first episode after 17 years...what happened to the rest of the story?"

All criticism aside, though, 50 says he's happy that the show is successful since many of his friends are working on it. He gave props to Timbaland and Terrence Howard (his co-star in "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'), and then a very special shout out to Taraji P. Henson, who threw some words at him for being critical back in December.

"Taraji, you fine motherf---er, I'm happy to date you one day. How you know this ain't the love connection connection we been waiting for girl? you know I say things I don't mean."

I want to say that he was joking, but you can never be sure with Fif.

Watch the hilarious review above.

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