Katy Perry Returns With The Powerful Olympics Anthem ‘Rise'

Katy's first single since 2014 will play during the upcoming Rio Games

Aside from dancing with sharks and tweeting the occasional shady GIF, Katy Perry has kept more or less on the down-low since releasing Prism in 2013. But she just broke her silence with the powerful new single “Rise."

Streaming now on Apple Music, the whispery ballad is something of a departure from Perry’s usual repertoire. It’s definitely a lot darker than her biggest hits, as she sings about the need to rise above adversity over smoky production from Max Martin.

“I won’t just conform / No matter how you shake my core,” sings Perry. “’Cause my roots, they run deep."

On Twitter, Perry confirmed that the single won’t be included on her next album – it’s just an appetizer for what’s still to come out of all those long nights in the studio. It will, however, be played at the summer Olympics in Rio, which sounds like it's exactly where it belongs.

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